1. Accursed
2. Bewitched
3. Blighted
4. Damned
5. Doomed
6. Execrable
7. Fated
8. Hexed
9. Ill-fated
10. Ill-starred
11. Jinxed
12. Malevolent
13. Malignant
14. Malediction
15. Malefic
16. Maleficent
17. Misfortunate
18. Nefarious
19. Noisome
20. Odious
21. Opprobrious
22. Perfidious
23. Reprobate
24. Repugnant
25. Reviled
26. Ruinous
27. Sinister
28. Taboo
29. Unlucky
30. Vile

Finding the perfect synonym for a word can be a difficult task. Whether it’s for a school assignment or professional document, having the best ideas for synonyms is essential. When trying to find the right synonym for the word “cursed”, there are many options to choose from. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for “cursed” include accursed, bewitched, blighted, damned, doomed, execrable, fated, hexed, ill-fated, ill-starred, jinxed, malevolent, malignant, malediction, malefic, maleficent, misfortunate, nefarious, noisome, odious, opprobrious, perfidious, reprobate, repugnant, reviled, ruinous, sinister, taboo, unlucky, and vile. Each of these words has a similar meaning to “cursed” and can be used as an effective replacement.