1. Heritage
2. Customs
3. Traditions
4. Norms
5. Practices
6. Values
7. Morals
8. Habits
9. Beliefs
10. Ideology
11. Attitudes
12. Mores
13. Rituals
14. Artifacts
15. Ethos
16. Folkways
17. Habitus
18. Civilization
19. Ethnography
20. Anthropology
21. Ethnicity
22. Refinement
23. Practices
24. Habitation
25. Heritage
26. Society
27. Heritage
28. Ethnology
29. Civilization
30. Refinement

When searching for other words for the concept of culture, the best ideas come from exploring the various facets of culture. Culture is a complex concept, made up of many elements, including heritage, customs, traditions, norms, practices, values, morals, habits, beliefs, and ideologies. It is also made up of artifacts, ethos, folkways, habitus, civilization, ethnography, anthropology, ethnicity, refinement, practices, habitation, and heritage. Each of these elements contributes to the overall concept of culture, and understanding them can help to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the concept. Synonyms for culture can range from the more general terms such as heritage, society, and civilization, to the more specific terms such as ethnology and refinement. Exploring the various facets of culture can help to find the best synonyms for the concept.