1. Ethnic
2. Traditional
3. Artistic
4. Civilizational
5. Social
6. Anthropological
7. Historical
8. National
9. Lingual
10. Ideological
11. Philosophical
12. Aesthetic
13. Geographical
14. Ethnicity
15. Ideological
16. Ceremonial
17. Ritualistic
18. Symbolic
19. Ethnological
20. Linguistic
21. Cultural Diversity
22. Cultural Heritage
23. Cultural Identity
24. Cultural Norms
25. Cultural Practices
26. Cultural Representations
27. Cultural Values
28. Cultural Traditions
29. Cultural Variations
30. Cultural Background

When looking for different ways to express the concept of culture, it is best to consider a variety of synonyms. From ethnic and traditional to artistic and civilizational, there are a number of words that can accurately describe the concept of culture. Other words for cultural include social, anthropological, historical, national, lingual, ideological, philosophical, aesthetic, geographical, and ethnicity. Furthermore, ceremonial, ritualistic, symbolic, ethnological, linguistic, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, cultural identity, cultural norms, cultural practices, cultural representations, cultural values, cultural traditions, cultural variations, and cultural background are all great ideas for synonyms of culture.