1. Intersect
2. Transverse
3. Overpass
4. Bridge
5. Span
6. Join
7. Cut
8. Divide
9. Connect
10. Merge
11. Interlace
12. Interconnect
13. Link
14. Unite
15. Crossbreed
16. Match
17. Blend
18. Hybridize
19. Combine
20. Interchange
21. Exchange
22. Overlap
23. Traverse
24. Confluence
25. Intersection
26. Crosshatch
27. Intertwine
28. Interlink
29. Interweave
30. Network

When looking for the best ideas to express the concept of “cross”, you can find a variety of synonyms that will help you articulate the concept in different ways. From “intersect” and “transverse” to “connect” and “combine”, there are many words that can be used to express the idea of crossing two paths. Whether you want to describe the physical crossing of two roads or the metaphorical merging of two ideas, these synonyms for “cross” can provide you with the perfect way to express your thoughts. Additionally, you can use words like “overlap”, “interlace”, and “interconnect” to emphasize the idea of two entities becoming intertwined and inseparable. With so many synonyms for “cross” to choose from, you can easily find the perfect word to convey your message.