1. Felons
2. Convicts
3. Malefactors
4. Offenders
5. Lawbreakers
6. Reprobates
7. Misdemeanants
8. Delinquents
9. Rogues
10. Scoundrels
11. Rascals
12. Villains
13. Miscreants
14. Transgressors
15. Outlaws
16. Wrongdoers
17. Crooks
18. Desperados
19. Bandits
20. Lawless
21. Cheats
22. Perpetrators
23. Breakers
24. Law-breakers
25. Infractors
26. Violators
27. Imposters
28. Hoodlums
29. Cutthroats
30. Blackguards

Searching for synonyms for the word “criminals” can be a difficult task. However, with the right ideas, you can find the best words to use in your writing. Whether you are looking for another word for “criminals” or other words for “criminals”, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Some of the best words to use as synonyms for “criminals” include felons, convicts, malefactors, offenders, lawbreakers, reprobates, and misdemeanants. Other words to consider include delinquents, rogues, scoundrels, rascals, villains, miscreants, transgressors, and outlaws. You can also use words such as wrongdoers, crooks, desperados, bandits, lawless, cheats, perpetrators, breakers, law-breakers, infractors, violators, imposters, hoodlums, cutthroats, and blackguards. With so many synonyms for “criminals”, you can easily find the perfect word to use in your writing.