1. Personnel
2. Staff
3. Team
4. Group
5. Company
6. Band
7. Gang
8. Brigade
9. Posse
10. Unit
11. Syndicate
12. Fraternity
13. Association
14. Collective
15. Congregation
16. Confederacy
17. Clique
18. Coterie
19. Fellowship
20. Gang
21. Troupe
22. Coterie
23. Society
24. League
25. Mob
26. Caucus
27. Assembly
28. Cadre
29. Entourage
30. Coterie

Searching for synonyms for the word “crew” can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for ideas to use in your writing or for everyday conversation, having a list of the best words to use can come in handy. Here, we have compiled a list of 30 of the best synonyms for the word “crew”. From “personnel” to “troupe” to “cadre” and more, this list is sure to provide you with the best ideas for when you need a different word for “crew”. Whether you are looking for a word to use in your writing or need a new way to express yourself, these synonyms will help you find the perfect phrase.