1. Beings
2. Animals
3. Entities
4. Organisms
5. Fauna
6. Mammals
7. Life forms
8. Critters
9. Beasts
10. Monsters
11. Entities
12. Animals
13. Life
14. Wildlife
15. Denizens
16. Quadrupeds
17. Creatures of habit
18. Fauna
19. Vermin
20. Beasts of burden
21. Inhabitants
22. Species
23. Livestock
24. Wild things
25. Animals of the wild
26. Life-forms
27. Feathered creatures
28. Reptiles
29. Winged creatures
30. Fishes

Looking for synonyms for the word “creatures”? Here are the best ideas! When you’re searching for another word for “creatures”, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for animals, entities, organisms, or life forms, these synonyms offer a wide range of alternatives. From wildlife to quadrupeds, beasts to denizens, there is a variety of other words for “creatures” to choose from. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be sure to find the perfect synonym to fit your needs.