1. Invention
2. Production
3. Construction
4. Fabrication
5. Generation
6. Composition
7. Devising
8. Manufacture
9. Artifice
10. Conception
11. Formation
12. Building
13. Origination
14. Arrangement
15. Compilation
16. Designing
17. Composition
18. Invention
19. Establishment
20. Organization
21. Synthesis
22. Devising
23. Generation
24. Construction
25. Formation
26. Composition
27. Manufacture
28. Assembly
29. Development
30. Creation

When you are looking for words that are synonymous with «creation», it can be difficult to narrow down the best ideas. There are many options that could be used to describe the act of creating something, from invention to fabrication. This list of 30 synonyms for the word «creation» provides a comprehensive selection of other words for this concept. Whether you are looking for the best word to describe the production of something, the origination of a concept, or the arrangement of an idea, this list has the perfect synonym for your needs. With options ranging from fabrication to organization, you can find the perfect word for your project.