1. Tribunals
2. Arbitration
3. Forums
4. Juries
5. Adjudication
6. Judiciaries
7. Quorums
8. Bar
9. Hearing
10. Bench
11. Magistrate
12. Assize
13. Conciliation
14. Mediation
15. Dispute Resolution
16. Hearing Room
17. Courtroom
18. Litigation
19. Panel
20. Decide
21. Judgement
22. Sentence
23. Verdict
24. Advocacy
25. Plead
26. Arguments
27. Appeal
28. Ruling
29. Lawsuit
30. Judge

If you are looking for synonyms for the word “COURTS”, there are many ideas to explore. From tribunals and arbitration to juries and adjudication, the list of alternatives to the word “COURTS” is extensive. Whether you are looking for the best synonym for a legal document or for ideas to use in everyday conversation, there are plenty of other words to choose from. For example, instead of “courts”, you could use “judiciaries”, “bar”, “bench”, or “magistrate”. You could also use “assize”, “conciliation”, or “mediation” if you are looking for a more peaceful solution. If you are looking for more formal alternatives, you could use “hearing”, “courtroom”, “litigation”, or “panel”. Finally, if you are looking for words related to the outcome of a court case, you could use “decide”, “judgement”, “sentence”, “verdict”, “advocacy”, “plead”, “arguments”, “appeal”, “ruling”, “lawsuit”, or “judge”. No matter what type of synonym you are looking for, there are plenty of ideas available to explore.