1. Journey
2. Direction
3. Passage
4. Path
5. Voyage
6. Trek
7. Trail
8. Trekking
9. Progress
10. Expedition
11. Route
12. Procedure
13. Way
14. Progress
15. Track
16. Itinerary
17. Procession
18. Trek
19. Advancement
20. Tour
21. Movement
22. Journey
23. Progression
24. Direction
25. Excursion
26. Passage
27. Tread
28. Trackway
29. Trekking
30. Voyage

Finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘course’ can be a difficult task. It can be helpful to think of other words for ‘course’ that express the same idea. Some great ideas for synonyms include journey, direction, passage, path, voyage, trek, trail, trekking, progress, expedition, route, procedure, way, progress, track, itinerary, procession, trek, advancement, tour, movement, journey, progression, direction, excursion, passage, tread, trackway, trekking, and voyage. All of these words can be used to express the same concept as ‘course’, and can be used to help add variety to your writing.