Synonyms for COUPLING:

1. Connection
2. Joining
3. Alliance
4. Bond
5. Union
6. Linkage
7. Tie
8. Link
9. Combination
10. Unification
11. Attachment
12. Fastening
13. Joint
14. Match
15. Merge
16. Rapport
17. Synergy
18. Affinity
19. Association
20. Coalition
21. Cohesion
22. Concord
23. Fusion
24. Interconnection
25. Liaison
26. Network
27. Rapport
28. Relationship
29. Sympathy
30. Unity

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word “coupling”, it’s important to consider the context and the specific meaning of the word in the sentence. Synonyms for “coupling” can range from connections and alliances to bonds and unions. Other words for “coupling” include linkages, ties, links, combinations, and unifications. Attachments, fastenings, joints, matches, merges, and rapports are also synonyms for “coupling”. Additionally, synergy, affinity, association, coalition, cohesion, concord, fusion, interconnection, liaison, networks, rapport, relationships, sympathy, and unity are all synonyms for “coupling”. Choosing the right synonym for “coupling” can make all the difference in conveying the right meaning.