1. Bed
2. Cradle
3. Crib
4. Hammock
5. Pallet
6. Coterie
7. Cotter
8. Couch
9. Daybed
10. Hammock
11. Rest
12. Recliner
13. Cotyledon
14. Couchlet
15. Lounger
16. Mattress
17. Pad
18. Palang
19. Pallet
20. Pallette
21. Palliass
22. Recline
23. Siesta
24. Sleep
25. Sofa
26. Stretcher
27. Cotillon
28. Cotquean
29. Hammock-bed
30. Hammock-chair

Looking for another word for cot? We have you covered with this list of 30 best ideas. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a cot to use in everyday conversation or to find a different way to describe a bed, this list has something for everyone. From bed and cradle to cotyledon and cotquean, you are sure to find the perfect synonym for cot here. Whether you are seeking a term for a daybed or a lounger, this list has plenty of ideas to choose from. You can also find synonyms for cot such as couch, mattress, pad, palang, and more. Use these synonyms for cot to add variety to your vocabulary and to make sure you are always saying the right thing.