1. Matching
2. Equivalent
3. Coinciding
4. Agreeing
5. Congruent
6. Harmonizing
7. Identical
8. Coherent
9. Compatible
10. Consistent
11. Answering
12. Symmetrical
13. Conforming
14. Similar
15. Alike
16. Congruous
17. Parallel
18. Reciprocal
19. Related
20. Coextensive
21. Sympathetic
22. Coordinate
23. Agreeable
24. Coinciding
25. Consonant
26. Symmetric
27. Proportionate
28. Analogous
29. Correspondent
30. Conformable

When looking for the best words to describe something that is similar or related, synonyms for corresponding can be a great resource. There are many different words to choose from to express the same idea, such as matching, equivalent, coinciding, agreeing, congruent, harmonizing, identical, coherent, compatible, consistent, answering, symmetrical, conforming, similar, alike, congruous, parallel, reciprocal, related, coextensive, sympathetic, coordinate, agreeable, coinciding, consonant, symmetric, proportionate, analogous, correspondent, and conformable. These words can be used in place of corresponding to add variety and sophistication to your writing. Whether you are writing a blog post, an article, or a book, it is important to use the best words to convey the ideas you are trying to express.