1. Association
2. Linkage
3. Interdependence
4. Connection
5. Relation
6. Association
7. Interrelation
8. Interconnectedness
9. Interaction
10. Correlation
11. Relativity
12. Parallelism
13. Agreement
14. Interplay
15. Accord
16. Coincidence
17. Symmetry
18. Co-occurrence
19. Synchronism
20. Consistency
21. Congruence
22. Proportion
23. Parallel
24. Concordance
25. Alignment
26. Correspondence
27. Mutuality
28. Matching
29. Synchrony
30. Synergy

Looking for the best ideas for other words for correlation? Here are some of the most popular synonyms that can be used to describe the correlation of two variables. Association, linkage, interdependence, connection, relation, interrelation, interconnectedness, interaction, relativity, parallelism, agreement, interplay, accord, coincidence, symmetry, co-occurrence, synchronism, consistency, congruence, proportion, parallel, concordance, alignment, correspondence, mutuality, matching, synchrony, and synergy are all great words to use when discussing the correlation of two variables. Each of these words can be used to explain the relationship between two variables and how they are related to one another. Using these synonyms will help to create a more detailed and descriptive explanation of the correlation between two variables.