1. Rectifying
2. Redeeming
3. Ameliorative
4. Mitigative
5. Remedial
6. Curative
7. Restorative
8. Reformative
9. Salutary
10. Beneficial
11. Propitiatory
12. Correcting
13. Reforming
14. Amending
15. Improving
16. Palliative
17. Ameliorating
18. Restitutive
19. Redressive
20. Remedying
21. Corrective
22. Reformatory
23. Compensatory
24. Remedial
25. Rectificatory
26. Correctative
27. Reorientative
28. Amelioratory
29. Correctatory
30. Amending

Searching for synonyms for the word «corrective» can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for the best ideas to use in a paper or simply need to find alternatives for a conversation, it is important to have a comprehensive list of synonyms. This list of 30 synonyms for «corrective» can help you find the perfect words to use in any situation. From rectifying and redeeming to restorative and reformative, you can find the right word to describe the corrective action needed. Additionally, if you need to find other words for «corrective», such as ameliorative, mitigative, or salutary, this list will provide you with the best ideas to ensure you have the most accurate description.