1. Conglomerates
2. Enterprises
3. Businesses
4. Companies
5. Firms
6. Multinationals
7. Congregations
8. Collectives
9. Associations
10. Organizations
11. Congregations
12. Cooperatives
13. Mergers
14. Alliances
15. Trusts
16. Congruences
17. Partnerships
18. Groupings
19. Unions
20. Congregates
21. Congruities
22. Conglomerates
23. Cartels
24. Leagues
25. Syndicates
26. Congeries
27. Conglomerations
28. Foundations
29. Congruences
30. Congruities

Searching for synonyms for the word “corporations” can be a daunting task. It’s important to find the best ideas to express the concept of corporations. Here are some of the best ideas when looking for other words for corporations. Conglomerates, enterprises, businesses, companies, firms, multinationals, congregations, collectives, associations, organizations, cooperatives, mergers, alliances, trusts, partnerships, groupings, unions, congregates, congruities, cartels, leagues, syndicates, congeries, conglomerations, foundations, and congruences are all excellent choices when looking for synonyms for corporations. With these words, you can express the concept of corporations in a variety of ways.