1. Maize
2. Grain
3. Kernels
4. Millet
5. Wheat
6. Cob
7. Grits
8. Flour
9. Seed
10. Popcorn
11. Rye
12. Grist
13. Bran
14. Farina
15. Polenta
16. Porridge
17. Wheatberries
18. Farro
19. Cornmeal
20. Oats
21. Hulled Corn
22. Cornflakes
23. Cornstarch
24. Puffed Corn
25. Cornbread
26. Cornhusk
27. Cornsilk
28. Corncob
29. Corn Oil
30. Corn Syrup

When looking for synonyms for the word “corn,” there are many ideas to consider. While some of the best choices are maize, grain, kernels, and millet, there are also other words to consider such as wheat, cob, grits, flour, seed, popcorn, rye, grist, bran, farina, polenta, porridge, wheatberries, farro, cornmeal, oats, hulled corn, cornflakes, cornstarch, puffed corn, cornbread, cornhusk, cornsilk, corncob, corn oil, and corn syrup. With such a wide variety of options, it is easy to find the perfect word to fit any situation.