Synonyms for COR:

1. Core
2. Center
3. Origin
4. Nucleus
5. Basis
6. Essential
7. Foundation
8. Heart
9. Focus
10. Hub
11. Core
12. Pith
13. Originator
14. Centerpiece
15. Crux
16. Origin
17. Center
18. Centermost
19. Heartland
20. Centermost
21. Heart
22. Nub
23. Crucial
24. Centermost
25. Root
26. Originator
27. Core
28. Essential
29. Foundation
30. Basis

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult, but understanding the different words that mean the same thing can help. Synonyms for the word “cor” can be used to help you find the best ideas to express yourself. Core, center, origin, nucleus, basis, essential, foundation, heart, focus, hub, core, pith, originator, centerpiece, crux, origin, centermost, heartland, centermost, heart, nub, crucial, centermost, root, originator, core, essential, foundation, and basis are all synonyms for “cor”. Knowing these different words can help you to find the perfect way to express yourself. By understanding all of the synonyms for “cor”, you can find the best ideas to express yourself.