1. Patent
2. Trademark
3. Intellectual property
4. Proprietary
5. Authorship
6. Copy
7. License
8. Authored
9. Proprietorship
10. Copywrite
11. Copyholder
12. Copyclaim
13. Copyprotection
14. Copyclaimant
15. Copyguard
16. Copyhold
17. Copyrighted
18. Copyregistration
19. Copyproprietor
20. Copytitle
21. Copyright
22. Copyowner
23. Copyclaiming
24. Copyreservation
25. Copyretention
26. Copyprotectionist
27. Copypreservation
28. Copyrestriction
29. Copycontrol
30. Copyrestrict

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, it’s important to understand the various synonyms for copyright. Copyright is the legal protection of original works of authorship, such as literature, music, and art. Other words for copyright include patent, trademark, and intellectual property. Proprietary, authorship, and copy are also synonyms for copyright. It’s important to understand the various best ideas for protecting your work, such as copyholder, copyclaim, copyprotection, and copyclaimant. Copyguard, copyhold, copyrighted, and copyregistration are also words used to describe copyright. Copyproprietor, copytitle, copyright, copyowner, copyclaiming, copyreservation, copyretention, copyprotectionist, copypreservation, copyrestriction, copycontrol, and copyrestrict are all synonyms for copyright. With all these words, it’s important to understand the different meanings and implications of each synonym when it comes to protecting your work.