Synonyms for «Conversions»:

1. Transformations
2. Alterations
3. Adjustments
4. Modifications
5. Switches
6. Transmutations
7. Reconfigurations
8. Adaptations
9. Revisions
10. Variations
11. Substitutions
12. Metamorphoses
13. Reversions
14. Variants
15. Revamps
16. Transpositions
17. Transitions
18. Replacements
19. Makeovers
20. Reorganizations
21. Amendments
22. Transfigurations
23. Revitalizations
24. Re-creations
25. Metamorphoses
26. Adjustments
27. Re-fashionings
28. Re-formations
29. Mutations
30. Re-structurings

When it comes to finding the best ideas and other words for «conversions», there is no shortage of options. From transformations and alterations to adjustments and modifications, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from. Whether you need to switch, transmute, reconfigure, adapt, revise, or vary something, there is a synonym for «conversions» that will fit the bill. For those looking to make a bigger change, there are also plenty of more drastic synonyms such as transfigurations, revitalizations, re-creations, and re-fashionings. No matter what type of change you are looking for, there is a synonym for «conversions» that can help you get the job done.