1. Junction
2. Combination
3. Unification
4. Meeting
5. Coalescence
6. Fusing
7. Merging
8. Union
9. Juncture
10. Uniting
11. Unification
12. Joining
13. Amalgamation
14. Integration
15. Consolidation
16. Synthesis
17. Intersection
18. Blending
19. Alliance
20. Mixture
21. Intermingling
22. Uniting
23. Conglomeration
24. Association
25. Merger
26. Coalition
27. Collision
28. Fusing
29. Synthesis
30. Interaction

The concept of convergence is an important one, and it’s often necessary to find different ways of expressing it. When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «convergence», there are a variety of options to choose from. From «junction» and «combination» to «unification» and «meeting», there are numerous other words for convergence that can be used to express the same concept in different ways. Additionally, words such as «fusing», «merging», and «union» can also be used to describe the act of convergence. No matter what type of writing or speaking one is doing, these synonyms for convergence can help to enhance the message being conveyed.