1. Differed
2. Diverged
3. Disparate
4. Varied
5. Opposed
6. Differentiated
7. Discrepant
8. Diversified
9. Divergent
10. Discriminated
11. Discontinuous
12. Separated
13. Unalike
14. Unrelated
15. Unconnected
16. Disjoined
17. Disassociated
18. Diametric
19. Distinct
20. Contrasting
21. Incompatible
22. Contradictory
23. Contrastive
24. Unsimilar
25. Diverse
26. Unsynchronized
27. Nonidentical
28. Antithetical
29. Incommensurable
30. Inharmonious

When you need to find the best ideas for making something stand out, using synonyms for the word “contrasted” can help. Such words as “differed”, “diverged”, “disparate”, and “varied” can be used to emphasize the difference between two or more items. Other words for “contrasted” such as “opposed”, “differentiated”, and “discrepant” can also be used to create a clear contrast between two ideas. For the best results, use words such as “diversified”, “divergent”, “discriminated”, and “discontinuous” to create a stark contrast between two different items. Using the right words can make the difference between a good idea and a great one.