1. Outlines
2. Perimeters
3. Profiles
4. Silhouettes
5. Edges
6. Borders
7. Boundaries
8. Lines
9. Forms
10. Shapes
11. Tracings
12. Sketches
13. Limns
14. Creases
15. Furrows
16. Grooves
17. Channels
18. Ridges
19. Boundings
20. Contingents
21. Contingencies
22. Outward Appearances
23. Demarcations
24. Facades
25. Facings
26. Profundities
27. Profundities
28. Profundeness
29. Contours
30. Profundities

When looking for different words for the term «contours», the best ideas are to use synonyms that describe the shape and outline of a given object. Outlines, perimeters, profiles, silhouettes, edges, borders, boundaries, lines, forms, shapes, tracings, sketches, limns, creases, furrows, grooves, channels, ridges, boundings, contingents, contingencies, outward appearances, demarcations, facades, facings, profundities, profundeness, and contours are all words that can be used to accurately describe the contours of a given item. Synonyms for contours can be found in a thesaurus, or by searching for related words online.