1. Unceasing
2. Uninterrupted
3. Constant
4. Perpetual
5. Endless
6. Unending
7. Nonstop
8. Unrelenting
9. Steady
10. Unvarying
11. Unabated
12. Unmitigated
13. Unwavering
14. Unfaltering
15. Unflagging
16. Incessant
17. Uninterrupted
18. Unremitting
19. Uninterrupted
20. Unceasing
21. Unmitigated
22. Undeviating
23. Uninterrupted
24. Unabated
25. Unintermitting
26. Uninterruptedly
27. Unendingly
28. Unfalteringly
29. Unwaveringly
30. Unceasingly

Finding synonyms for the word “continuous” can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a paper or trying to find the best way to express your ideas, having a list of words to draw from can be helpful. Here is a list of 30 of the best synonyms for “continuous” to help you find the perfect word. Unceasing, uninterrupted, constant, perpetual, endless, unending, nonstop, unrelenting, steady, unvarying, unabated, unmitigated, unwavering, unfaltering, unflagging, incessant, uninterrupted, unremitting, uninterrupted, unceasing, unmitigated, undeviating, uninterrupted, unabated, unintermitting, uninterruptedly, unendingly, unfalteringly, unwaveringly, and unceasingly are all great options. With this list of synonyms for “continuous”, you’ll be able to find the perfect word for any situation.