1. Proceed
2. Go on
3. Perpetuate
4. Maintain
5. Carry on
6. Extend
7. Resume
8. Prolong
9. Endure
10. Last
11. Pursue
12. Follow
13. Migrate
14. Sustain
15. Subsist
16. Advance
17. Linger
18. Renew
19. Reiterate
20. Elongate
21. Reactivate
22. Consolidate
23. Continue on
24. Propagate
25. Keep up
26. Abide
27. Rekindle
28. Persist
29. Follow through
30. Remain

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult. Whether you are writing for a professional or personal purpose, it is important to find the best synonyms for the words you are using. One of the most common words used in writing is “continue”. There are many different synonyms for this word that can help to add variety to your writing. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “continue”. Words like proceed, go on, perpetuate, maintain, carry on, extend, resume, and prolong can all be used in place of “continue”. Other words for “continue” include endure, last, pursue, follow, migrate, sustain, subsist, and advance. You can also use words like linger, renew, reiterate, elongate, reactivate, consolidate, continue on, propagate, keep up, abide, rekindle, persist, follow through, and remain. Having a variety of synonyms for “continue” can help to make your writing more interesting and engaging.