1. Substantive
2. Essentials
3. Ingredient
4. Matter
5. Composition
6. Stuff
7. Core
8. Aggregate
9. Load
10. Makeup
11. Components
12. Material
13. Substance
14. Fundamentals
15. Nitty-gritty
16. Inwardness
17. Particulars
18. Bulk
19. Essence
20. Sum
21. Text
22. Ingredients
23. Substance
24. Pith
25. Gist
26. Summation
27. Heart
28. Quintessence
29. Main points
30. Nub

If you’re looking for other words for the term «contents,» you’ll find plenty of ideas to choose from. Synonyms like substantive, essentials, ingredient, matter, composition, and stuff are all great options to use in place of the word «contents.» You can also use core, aggregate, load, makeup, components, material, substance, fundamentals, and nitty-gritty. Other options include inwardness, particulars, bulk, essence, sum, text, ingredients, substance, pith, gist, summation, heart, quintessence, main points, and nub. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the best synonym for your content writing needs.