1. Intake
2. Utilization
3. Expenditure
4. Absorption
5. Ingestion
6. Devour
7. Indulgence
8. Assimilation
9. Quaff
10. Gulp
11. Swallow
12. Inhale
13. Ingest
14. Enjoyment
15. Inclination
16. Craving
17. Appetite
18. Wasting
19. Extravagance
20. Gluttony
21. Depletion
22. Intake
23. Expenditure
24. Binging
25. Avarice
26. Greed
27. Glut
28. Gorging
29. Grouse
30. Gluttony

When searching for alternative words for «consumption», there are a variety of ideas to choose from. For the best synonyms, consider words like utilization, absorption, indulgence, appetite, and enjoyment. Other words that could be used include ingestion, quaff, gulping, swallowing, and inhaling. Additionally, words like wasting, extravagance, gluttony, depletion, binging, avarice, greed, glut, gorging, and grouse can be used as synonyms for the word «consumption». Whether you are looking for a single word or a variety of words, these synonyms can help you find the perfect phrase to express your thoughts.