1. Compressed
2. Narrowed
3. Confined
4. Stifled
5. Repressed
6. Strangled
7. Squeezed
8. Contained
9. Cramped
10. Shut
11. Squashed
12. Suppressed
13. Hemmed in
14. Clenched
15. Confined
16. Coerced
17. Obstructed
18. Constricted
19. Restricted
20. Limited
21. Bound
22. Cinched
23. Clamped
24. Curbed
25. Curtailed
26. Gagged
27. Hemmed
28. Impeded
29. Pinched
30. Restrained

When searching for other words for the term «constricted», the best ideas are to use synonyms that provide a similar meaning. Synonyms such as compressed, narrowed, confined, stifled, repressed, strangled, squeezed, contained, cramped, shut, squashed, and suppressed all provide a similar meaning to the term «constricted». These words can be used in place of the term «constricted» to provide more variety in writing. Additionally, these synonyms can be used to create a more descriptive and vivid image in the reader’s mind. Using synonyms for the term «constricted» can also help to improve the overall readability of a piece of writing.