1. Legally
2. Legitimately
3. By law
4. By right
5. By statute
6. According to law
7. In accordance with law
8. In keeping with law
9. In observance of law
10. As prescribed by law
11. As provided by law
12. As sanctioned by law
13. As authorized by law
14. As enjoined by law
15. As directed by law
16. In the eyes of the law
17. Under the law
18. By constitutional mandate
19. By constitutional provision
20. By constitutional authority
21. According to constitutional guidelines
22. In accordance with constitutional regulations
23. In keeping with constitutional edicts
24. In observance of constitutional rules
25. As prescribed by constitutional edict
26. As provided by constitutional decree
27. As sanctioned by constitutional order
28. As authorized by constitutional requirement
29. As enjoined by constitutional ordinance
30. As directed by constitutional mandate

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