1. Plosive
2. Speech sound
3. Vocalic
4. Sonant
5. Voiced
6. Articulated
7. Labial
8. Labiodental
9. Palatal
10. Alveolar
11. Retroflex
12. Velar
13. Glottal
14. Nasal
15. Stop
16. Fricative
17. Affricate
18. Approximant
19. Lateral
20. Semivowel
21. Voiceless
22. Unvoiced
23. Aspirate
24. Spirant
25. Sibilant
26. Trill
27. Flap
28. Linguistic consonant
29. Phonemic consonant
30. Phonetic consonant

Finding synonyms for the word “consonant” can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the best ideas for finding other words for consonant. Plosive, speech sound, vocalic, sonant, voiced, articulated, labial, labiodental, palatal, alveolar, retroflex, velar, glottal, nasal, stop, fricative, affricate, approximant, lateral, semivowel, voiceless, unvoiced, aspirate, spirant, sibilant, trill, flap, linguistic consonant, phonemic consonant, and phonetic consonant are all synonyms for the word consonant. With this list, you’ll never struggle to find another word for consonant again. Whether you’re writing an essay, giving a speech, or just looking for a word to use in conversation, you’ll have plenty of options with this comprehensive list of synonyms.