1. Combine
2. Unite
3. Merge
4. Join
5. Link
6. Interweave
7. Interlock
8. Interconnect
9. Intertwine
10. Blend
11. Unify
12. Correlate
13. Colligate
14. Relate
15. Harmonize
16. Agree
17. Interlink
18. Integrate
19. Fuse
20. Match
21. Connect
22. Tie
23. Combine
24. Interrelate
25. Compound
26. Coordinate
27. Collate
28. Join together
29. Unify
30. Relate

If you’re looking for synonyms for the word “conjugate”, you’ve come to the right place! This article is full of the best ideas for other words that mean the same thing. From “combine” to “unify”, there’s a wide variety of synonyms you can use to express the same idea. Whether you’re writing a paper or just looking to expand your vocabulary, this list of synonyms for “conjugate” is sure to help. With everything from “merge” to “connect”, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word for your needs. So take a look through this list of synonyms and find the one that works best for you!