1. Commend
2. Applaud
3. Salute
4. Celebrate
5. Praise
6. Toast
7. Congratulate
8. Cheer
9. Hail
10. Admire
11. Congratulatory
12. Extol
13. Glorify
14. Acclaim
15. Congratulate
16. Eulogize
17. Rejoice
18. Gratulate
19. Applaud
20. Gladden
21. Laud
22. Panegyrize
23. Honor
24. Congratulatory
25. Compliment
26. Glorify
27. Bless
28. Extol
29. Accolade
30. Fete

When looking for the best ideas to congratulate someone, there are a multitude of synonyms that can be used. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, or graduation, there are many different other words for “congratulate” that can be used to express your joy. Some of the most popular synonyms include “commend”, “applaud”, “salute”, “celebrate”, “praise”, “toast”, “cheer”, “hail”, “admire”, “congratulatory”, “extol”, “glorify”, “acclaim”, “eulogize”, “rejoice”, “gratulate”, “gladden”, “laud”, “panegyrize”, “honor”, “compliment”, “bless”, “accolade”, and “fete”. Each of these synonyms can be used to express your joy for the accomplishment that someone has achieved. Whether it is a small accomplishment or a large one, you can use one of these synonyms to congratulate them in the best way possible.