1. Sage
2. Philosopher
3. Thinker
4. Master
5. Mentor
6. Guide
7. Sage of the East
8. Chinese Philosopher
9. Master Kong
10. Teacher
11. Sage of China
12. Master K’ung
13. The Great Sage
14. The Chinese Sage
15. The Great Teacher
16. The Chinese Master
17. K’ung Fu-Tzu
18. Kung Fu-tzu
19. Kung the Master
20. K’ung the Philosopher
21. The Master of the East
22. The Great Master
23. The Chinese Sage of the East
24. The Great Thinker
25. The Chinese Sage of the West
26. The Chinese Master of the West
27. The Great Sage of the East
28. The Chinese Master of the East
29. The Great Teacher of the West
30. The Chinese Master of the Middle Kingdom

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult, but there are many synonyms for the word «Confucius» that can help. Whether you are looking for a simple phrase or a more complex idea, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. For example, «sage» and «philosopher» are two of the most common synonyms for the great Chinese thinker. Other words like «master», «mentor», and «guide» can also be used to describe Confucius and his teachings. For an even more specific description, you can use «Sage of the East» or «Chinese Philosopher». There are also many titles for Confucius, such as «Master Kong», «The Great Sage», and «The Great Teacher». No matter which synonym you choose, you can be sure to accurately capture the essence of Confucius and his teachings.