1. Ruism
2. Chinese philosophy
3. Chinese traditional religion
4. Way of the sages
5. The teachings of Confucius
6. The way of Confucius
7. The doctrine of Confucius
8. The philosophy of Confucius
9. Confucian classicism
10. The Analects
11. The Five Classics
12. The Four Books
13. The Great Learning
14. The Doctrine of the Mean
15. The Classic of Filial Piety
16. The Spring and Autumn Annals
17. The Book of Changes
18. The Classic of Poetry
19. The Mencius
20. The Xunzi
21. The Lunyu
22. The Zhongyong
23. The Daxue
24. The Liji
25. The Yijing
26. The Mengzi
27. Juism
28. Ju-Chia
29. Neo-Confucianism
30. Neo-Confucian orthodoxy

Are you looking for other words for Confucianism? Here is a list of 30 synonyms to help you find the best ideas for your project. From Ruism and Chinese philosophy to the teachings of Confucius and the Five Classics, this comprehensive list of synonyms for Confucianism will provide you with a variety of words to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the Analects, the Four Books, the Great Learning, or the Doctrine of the Mean, this list of synonyms for Confucianism is sure to have something for everyone.