1. Arranging
2. Setting up
3. Structuring
4. Organizing
5. Designing
6. Forming
7. Constructing
8. Establishing
9. Programming
10. Tailoring
11. Positioning
12. Programming
13. Fitting
14. Aligning
15. Sculpting
16. Adjusting
17. Crafting
18. Composing
19. Plotting
20. Building
21. Engineering
22. Formulating
23. Mapping
24. Constructing
25. Assembling
26. Refining
27. Shaping
28. Planning
29. Allocating
30. Customizing

Finding the best way to configure your system can be a difficult task. However, with the right tools and strategies, it can be made much easier. Knowing the best synonyms for configuring can help you find the best ideas for configuring your system. Words such as arranging, setting up, structuring, and organizing are all synonyms for configuring. Additionally, words such as designing, forming, constructing, and establishing can also be used to describe configuring. Programming, tailoring, positioning, and fitting are also good synonyms to use when configuring. Aligning, sculpting, adjusting, crafting, and composing are all other words for configuring. Plotting, building, engineering, formulating, and mapping are all synonyms for configuring. Constructing, assembling, refining, shaping, and planning are also best ideas for configuring. Lastly, allocating and customizing are two other words for configuring. With these words in mind, you can find the best way to configure your system.