1. Alliance
2. Union
3. Coalition
4. League
5. Compact
6. Federation
7. Combination
8. Association
9. Entente
10. Syndicate
11. Treaty
12. Agreement
13. Unionism
14. Conglomerate
15. Confederacy
16. Bloc
17. Confederacy
18. Pact
19. Amalgamation
20. Accord
21. Merger
22. Partnership
23. Consortium
24. Congregation
25. Confederacy
26. Combination
27. Union
28. Accord
29. Confederation
30. Alliance

If you are looking for synonyms for the word ‘confederacy’, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of the best ideas and words to use in place of ‘confederacy’. Words such as alliance, union, coalition, league, compact, federation, combination, association, entente, syndicate, treaty, agreement, unionism, conglomerate, confederacy, bloc, confederacy, pact, amalgamation, accord, merger, partnership, consortium, congregation, confederacy, combination, union, accord, and confederation are all great alternatives to the word ‘confederacy’. With this list, you should have no trouble finding the perfect synonym for your writing needs.