1. Devised
2. Thought up
3. Brainstormed
4. Imagined
5. Invented
6. Formulated
7. Concocted
8. Composed
9. Constructed
10. Dreamed up
11. Created
12. Fabricated
13. Generated
14. Inaugurated
15. Initiated
16. Inspired
17. Intended
18. Originated
19. Planned
20. Proposed
21. Put forward
22. Suggested
23. Visualized
24. Conceived of
25. Inceptioned
26. Contrived
27. Framed
28. Brainchild
29. Brainwave
30. Ideated

Searching for the best words to describe the concept of “conceived” can be difficult. Synonyms for the word “conceived” can provide a variety of ideas to choose from when trying to express the same concept in different ways. Whether you are writing a novel, essay, or article, having a selection of synonyms for “conceived” can be useful. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for “conceived” include devised, thought up, brainstormed, imagined, invented, formulated, concocted, composed, constructed, dreamed up, created, fabricated, generated, inaugurated, initiated, inspired, intended, originated, planned, proposed, put forward, suggested, visualized, conceived of, inceptioned, contrived, framed, brainchild, brainwave, and ideated. With these words, you can craft a sentence that conveys the same concept as the word “conceived” but with a unique twist.