Synonyms for Computer:

1. Calculator
2. Processor
3. Machine
4. Mainframe
5. Workstation
6. Desktop
7. Laptop
8. Notebook
9. Gadget
10. Device
11. System
12. Network
13. Terminal
14. Server
15. Supercomputer
16. Automaton
17. Automation
18. Analyzer
19. Brain
20. Electronic Brain
21. Electronic Device
22. Digital Machine
23. Cybernetic Device
24. Electronic Calculator
25. Data Processor
26. Digital Processor
27. Information Processor
28. Microchip
29. Programmable Machine
30. Robotics

When searching for another word for computer, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. Synonyms for computer can range from simple terms such as calculator or device, to more technical terms such as mainframe or workstation. It is also helpful to consider the type of computer being discussed, such as a laptop, desktop, or server. For best ideas, consider the type of computer and the purpose it will serve. For example, a laptop may be considered a portable computer, while a mainframe or workstation may be considered a powerful computer. Other words for a computer may include gadget, system, network, terminal, or supercomputer. Ultimately, the best synonym for a computer will depend on the context in which the word is being used.