1. Tangles
2. Labyrinths
3. Entanglements
4. Intricacies
5. Knots
6. Snarls
7. Riddles
8. Mazes
9. Gordian Knots
10. Gordian Complexes
11. Gordian Tangles
12. Gordian Labyrinths
13. Gordian Entanglements
14. Gordian Intricacies
15. Gordian Knots
16. Gordian Snarls
17. Gordian Riddles
18. Gordian Mazes
19. Gordian Puzzles
20. Conundrums
21. Enigmas
22. Puzzles
23. Quandaries
24. Predicaments
25. Quagmires
26. Tumults
27. Confusions
28. Turmoil
29. Complications
30. Difficulties

When searching for different words to describe a complex situation, it can be difficult to find the best ideas. Synonyms for complex can include tangles, labyrinths, entanglements, intricacies, knots, snarls, riddles, mazes, Gordian Knots, Gordian Complexes, Gordian Tangles, Gordian Labyrinths, Gordian Entanglements, Gordian Intricacies, Gordian Knots, Gordian Snarls, Gordian Riddles, Gordian Mazes, Gordian Puzzles, conundrums, enigmas, puzzles, quandaries, predicaments, quagmires, tumults, confusions, turmoil, complications, and difficulties. All of these words can be used to describe a complex situation and can help to explain the complexity of the situation. Whether you are looking for another word for complex or other words for complex, these synonyms can provide the best ideas to help you accurately describe the situation.