1. Remunerate
2. Repay
3. Recompense
4. Reimburse
5. Satisfy
6. Indemnify
7. Redress
8. Reward
9. Retaliate
10. Reimbursement
11. Compensatory
12. Retribution
13. Amends
14. Atonement
15. Remedy
16. Requital
17. Satisfaction
18. Make good
19. Remedy
20. Liquidate
21. Balance
22. Quittance
23. Reimburse
24. Pay back
25. Reestablish
26. Make up
27. Replenish
28. Refund
29. Reestablish
30. Replace

When searching for the best ideas to substitute the word «compensate», there are many different synonyms to choose from. Whether you are looking for other words for «compensate» that are more formal, or more informal, there is sure to be something that fits your needs. Some of the best synonyms for «compensate» include remunerate, repay, recompense, reimburse, satisfy, indemnify, redress, reward, retaliate, reimbursement, compensatory, retribution, amends, atonement, remedy, requital, satisfaction, make good, remedy, liquidate, balance, quittance, reimburse, pay back, reestablish, make up, replenish, refund, reestablish, and replace. All of these words can be used to effectively convey the same meaning as «compensate», making them perfect substitutes for the word.