1. Guide
2. Chart
3. Map
4. Direction
5. Course
6. Steer
7. Aim
8. Navigate
9. Itinerary
10. Guidebook
11. Orient
12. Route
13. Piloting
14. Piloting
15. Pilgrimage
16. Pointer
17. Signpost
18. Trail
19. Trajectory
20. Trek
21. Voyage
22. Pilgrimage
23. Point the Way
24. Set the Course
25. Set the Pace
26. Set the Direction
27. Take the Lead
28. Take the Reins
29. Track
30. Waymark

Finding the right words to use in your writing can be difficult, but having a list of synonyms for commonly used words can help. Whether you’re writing a blog post, essay, or even a novel, having a list of synonyms for the word “compass” can be a great resource. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “compass”: guide, chart, map, direction, course, steer, aim, navigate, itinerary, guidebook, orient, route, piloting, pilgrimage, pointer, signpost, trail, trajectory, trek, voyage, point the way, set the course, set the pace, set the direction, take the lead, take the reins, track, and waymark. With this list of synonyms for “compass”, you can easily find the best word to use in your writing.