1. Ally
2. Accomplice
3. Chum
4. Sidekick
5. Pal
6. Playmate
7. Friend
8. Associate
9. Colleague
10. Cohort
11. Confidant
12. Ally
13. Consort
14. Partner
15. Adjunct
16. Fellow
17. Intimate
18. Consociate
19. Comrade
20. Confrere
21. Compeer
22. Bedfellow
23. Acquaintance
24. Amigo
25. Roomie
26. Roommate
27. Soulmate
28. Comforter
29. Confidante
30. Familiar

When looking for the best synonyms for the word “companion”, it is important to consider all the different connotations of the word. There are many different ideas and words that can be used to describe a companion, ranging from a close friend to a colleague. Some of the most popular synonyms for “companion” include ally, accomplice, chum, sidekick, pal, playmate, friend, associate, colleague, cohort, confidant, consort, partner, adjunct, fellow, intimate, consociate, comrade, confrere, compeer, bedfellow, acquaintance, amigo, roomie, roommate, soulmate, comforter, confidante, and familiar. No matter the situation, these synonyms for “companion” can be used to accurately describe the relationship between two people.