1. Expressing
2. Conveying
3. Transmitting
4. Broadcasting
5. Declaring
6. Announcing
7. Relaying
8. Spreading
9. Disclosing
10. Articulating
11. Imparting
12. Proclaiming
13. Notifying
14. Annunciating
15. Disseminating
16. Revealing
17. Venting
18. Blabbing
19. Blurting
20. Murmuring
21. Gossiping
22. Interacting
23. Dialoguing
24. Narrating
25. Chattering
26. Yapping
27. Gabbling
28. Spilling
29. Exchanging
30. Proposing

Finding the best synonyms for communicating can be a great way to make sure your ideas are expressed effectively. Whether you’re writing an essay, a blog post, or a presentation, using synonyms for communicating can help to ensure that your message is conveyed clearly and concisely. There are a variety of synonyms for communicating, such as expressing, conveying, transmitting, broadcasting, declaring, announcing, relaying, spreading, disclosing, articulating, and imparting. Other words for communicating include annunciating, disseminating, revealing, venting, blabbing, blurting, murmuring, gossiping, interacting, dialoguing, narrating, and chattering. You can also use words like yapping, gabbling, spilling, exchanging, and proposing to make sure that your ideas are communicated in the best possible way.