1. Councils
2. Panels
3. Boards
4. Working Groups
5. Juries
6. Commissions
7. Authorities
8. Groups
9. Forums
10. Delegations
11. Trustees
12. Assemblies
13. Convocations
14. Congregations
15. Conclaves
16. Tribunals
17. Conventions
18. Conventions
19. Delegations
20. Conferences
21. Symposia
22. Congregations
23. Convocations
24. Consortia
25. Conclaves
26. Conventions
27. Convocations
28. Congregations
29. Tribunals
30. Trustees

If you’re looking for other words for committees, you’ve come to the right place. Committees are groups of people who come together to discuss and make decisions on a particular topic. There are many different synonyms for committees that can help you find the best ideas for your project. Some of the most common synonyms for committees include councils, panels, boards, working groups, juries, commissions, authorities, groups, forums, delegations, trustees, assemblies, convocations, congregations, conclaves, tribunals, conventions, conferences, symposia, consortia, and convocations. All of these words can be used to describe a group of people who are working together to make decisions or discuss a particular topic. No matter what type of committee you need to create, these synonyms can help you find the best ideas for your project.