1. Board
2. Group
3. Panel
4. Council
5. Caucus
6. Congregation
7. Guild
8. Syndicate
9. Assembly
10. Faction
11. Convention
12. Coalition
13. Faction
14. Cabal
15. Camp
16. Troupe
17. Company
18. Caucus
19. Clique
20. Coterie
21. Cadre
22. Troop
23. Faction
24. Coterie
25. Task Force
26. Corps
27. Syndicate
28. Cabal
29. Assembly
30. Troop

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «committee»? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 30 synonyms for the word «committee» that you can use in your writing, speeches, or other projects. From board and group to council and caucus, this list provides a variety of other words for «committee» that can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you’re looking for a word to use in a professional or informal setting, this list is sure to have the perfect word for you. With words like faction, convention, and coalition, you can find the perfect synonym for «committee» to fit your needs.