1. Trade
2. Exchange
3. Business
4. Trafficking
5. Merchandising
6. Negotiation
7. Trading
8. Trafficking
9. Dealings
10. Transactions
11. Commerce
12. Bartering
13. Market
14. Exchange
15. Buy and sell
16. Brokerage
17. Bargaining
18. Trade
19. Market
20. Dealings
21. Buying and selling
22. Interchange
23. Market place
24. Trading
25. Negotiations
26. Transactions
27. Swapping
28. Exchanging
29. Market dealings
30. Market transactions

Finding the right words to describe commerce can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a business plan or trying to explain the concept of commerce to someone, having a list of synonyms can help. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for commerce. Trade, exchange, business, trafficking, merchandising, negotiation, trading, trafficking, dealings, and transactions are all words that can be used to describe commerce. Other words that can be used to describe commerce include bartering, market, buy and sell, brokerage, bargaining, trade, market, dealings, buying and selling, interchange, market place, trading, negotiations, transactions, swapping, exchanging, market dealings, and market transactions. With this list of synonyms, you’ll have no problem finding the right words to describe commerce.