1. Announcer
2. Narrator
3. Speaker
4. Broadcaster
5. Commenter
6. Critic
7. Interpreter
8. Journalist
9. Moderator
10. Orator
11. Reporter
12. Annalist
13. Analyst
14. Commentator
15. Explainer
16. Host
17. Interviewer
18. Pundit
19. Reporter
20. Scribe
21. Storyteller
22. Talker
23. Word-slinger
24. Chronicler
25. Examiner
26. Historian
27. Lecturer
28. Notator
29. Raconteur
30. Word-smith

Are you looking for the best ideas for other words for the word “commentator”? There are many different synonyms to choose from, such as announcer, narrator, speaker, broadcaster, commenter, critic, interpreter, journalist, moderator, orator, reporter, annalist, analyst, explainer, host, interviewer, pundit, reporter, scribe, storyteller, talker, word-slinger, chronicler, examiner, historian, lecturer, notator, raconteur, and word-smith. Depending on the context, any of these words could be used to describe a commentator. Whether you need to describe a professional commentator or a casual observer, there are plenty of synonyms that you can use to make sure your message is clear.