1. Interval
2. Separator
3. Pause
4. Break
5. Interruption
6. Junction
7. Dividing mark
8. Stop
9. Splice
10. Clause
11. Stoppage
12. Disjunction
13. Partition
14. Caesura
15. Separation
16. Interstice
17. Interlinear
18. Interlude
19. Intermission
20. Interruption
21. Medial point
22. Separator mark
23. Separating point
24. Serial comma
25. Serial mark
26. Series comma
27. Series mark
28. Semicolon
29. Divider
30. Connector

When writing, it is important to use punctuation to break up sentences and phrases into understandable chunks. The comma is one of the most common forms of punctuation used, and there are many different synonyms for it. Other words for comma include interval, separator, pause, break, interruption, junction, dividing mark, stop, splice, clause, stoppage, disjunction, partition, caesura, separation, interstice, interlinear, interlude, intermission, interruption, medial point, separator mark, separating point, serial comma, serial mark, series comma, series mark, semicolon, divider, and connector. Each of these words can be used to replace the word comma in a sentence, providing variety and clarity. Additionally, using different words for comma can help make your writing more interesting and engaging. By exploring the best ideas for synonyms for comma, you can ensure that your writing is both clear and interesting.