Synonyms for Cold:

1. Chilly
2. Frosty
3. Freezing
4. Icy
5. Nippy
6. Biting
7. Brisk
8. Gelid
9. Glacial
10. Frigid
11. Arctic
12. Arctic
13. Algid
14. Glaciated
15. Polar
16. Wintry
17. Refrigerated
18. Cool
19. Shivery
20. Numb
21. Frozen
22. Gelatinous
23. Refrigerant
24. Bitter
25. Arctic
26. Gelid
27. Ice-cold
28. Arctic
29. Sub-zero
30. Arctic

When searching for alternative words to describe the feeling of cold, there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for cold can range from chilly and frosty to nippy and biting. Other words for cold may include brisk, gelid, glacial, frigid, arctic, algid, glaciated, polar, and wintry. Refrigerated, cool, shivery, numb, frozen, gelatinous, refrigerant, and bitter are also good ideas when looking for a synonym for cold. The best words to use when describing cold are those that evoke a feeling of intense cold, such as arctic, gelid, ice-cold, sub-zero, and arctic. Whatever words are chosen, they should be used to create a vivid image of the feeling of cold.