1. Compulsion
2. Duress
3. Force
4. Intimidation
5. Pressure
6. Threats
7. Bullying
8. Extortion
9. Menace
10. Oppression
11. Persuasion
12. Subjugation
13. Authority
14. Blackmail
15. Command
16. Constraint
17. Coercive power
18. Domination
19. Enforcement
20. Imposition
21. Insistence
22. Intimidating
23. Obligation
24. Power
25. Restraint
26. Restriction
27. Subpoena
28. Suppression
29. Tyranny
30. Violence

When trying to find the best ideas for synonyms for the word «coercion», it is important to consider a variety of synonyms that accurately convey the meaning of the word. There are many other words for coercion, including compulsion, duress, force, intimidation, pressure, threats, bullying, extortion, menace, oppression, persuasion, subjugation, authority, blackmail, command, constraint, coercive power, domination, enforcement, imposition, insistence, intimidating, obligation, power, restraint, restriction, subpoena, suppression, tyranny, and violence. These words all describe the concept of coercion in different ways, and can be used to accurately convey the meaning of the word in a variety of contexts.